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Are you looking for fantastic photo ideas where you are highly motivated and photograph everything that's not up to scratch? At *fotowissen Online Foto Magazin you will find the best ideas for taking photos:
Offers for photographers carefully selected by *fotowissen Online Foto Magazin:
Offers for photographers
Offers for photographers, cameras, lenses, computers, notebooks, monitors, accessories, image editing software, ...

The *fotowissen Podcast - Time for Photography Podcast

*fotowissen Podcast

The great *fotowissen Podcast Photography is new and brings interesting interview partners in front of the microphone for you. Time for photography:

*fotowissen Podcasts >>

Street Photography Special Tutorial

Street Photography Special Tutorial

Dirk Trampedach has taken street photography to task for the *fotowissen online photo magazine. He sets off with his X-T2 and explores the streets, especially in Siegen. The Street Photography Special Tutorial consists of his articles on the subject of street photography. In addition to tips and tricks, Dirk offers many philosophical insights into the subject of street photography. This series of articles is of interest to all photographers who love the photography genre or want to further develop their open and attentive eye. All Street articles at a glance >> Read the wonderful articles by Dirk Trampedach on the subject of street photography:
The big *fotowissen online photo magazine Canon R-System Special Canon launched its R-System in 2018 with the EOS R, RP, Ra, R5, R6 and R3. Anyone interested in the new mirrorless camera technology will be interested in these valuable reports on system cameras and RF lenses:

Photo Meaning

The meaning of a photo is different for everyone. The photographer knows the story behind the picture, the viewer of the photo often does not. Furthermore...

Photo Meaning in the eye of the beholder - Apple tree

Medium Format Photography Special

Only a few websites and magazines report in detail on medium format photography. The *fotowissen online photo magazine takes a particularly close look at the larger sensor, cameras, lenses and image processing of medium format photos. Our concentrated knowledge from the very first minute of medium format photography, both analogue and digital, flows into the reports. Medium format photography >>

Basic knowledge for you as a photographer

The *fotowissen basic knowledge is particularly valuable for you as a photographer, regardless of whether you call yourself a photo beginner, photo amateur or photographer. Here you will find publications by experts who provide you with a wealth of knowledge free of charge. Please have a look in this category:

Photography basics know-how, photographer basics >>

HEIF the new JPG - 8 secrets

Ist HEIF das neue JPG? HEIF oder JPG einstellen? Können Sie in Ihrer Kamera oder Ihrem Smartphone zwischen JPG und HEIC / HEIF wählen? Sollen wir im iPhone oder in der...


Save and retrieve photos

Eigene Fotos speichern und wiederfinden, hört sich einfach an. In Wirklichkeit ist es keine leichte Aufgabe, die digitalen Fotofluten von Smartphones oder Digitalkameras...

Fotowissen Online Fotomagazin - Passion Photography - For Photographers

*photo knowledge

*fotowissen Online Photo Magazine

For you as a photographer: The *fotowissen online photo magazine provides free and valuable test reports from experts on cameras and lenses. We report on the latest digital photo technology as well as on analogue cameras and their lenses. Of course, we also cover a lot of photo accessories, from angle finders to image editing software and monitors.

In addition to technology, as experts we always provide photo ideas for photographers to motivate you to take photos. The attention and mindfulness of photography plays a major role, because not all of our shots end up in a gallery, but they have to give us pleasure.

Our topics also include photo books and gifts for photographers. We regularly review good products.

Now we hope you enjoy your visit to *fotowissen and ask you to leave a constructive comment on the topics you like. Thank you very much!

Journalist, photographer, photo trainer Peter Roskothen

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*fotowissen Podcast Photography

*fotowissen Foto Podcast - Time for Photography Podcast

The new Photography Podcast talks to photographers who give tips and insights into photography. The photo podcast - time for photography (in German)

Professional image processing without rental costs

DxO Bundle

Interchangeable camera strap and hand strap

Tip: Too often the camera strap was in the way and I couldn't quickly replace it with a hand strap. With Peak Design, I can promptly attach either a hand strap or a two-sided camera strap to all my cameras.

*fotowissen Authors

The *fotowissen authors

Worldwide German online photo course

Individual Online photo course for anyone who enjoys photography:

Worldwide German online photo course Photo School Roskothen

1:1 Training >>

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This photo tripod is large, relatively light and, above all, very inexpensive:

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