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Waiting for the Fuji X100VI - opportunities and alternatives

Fuji X-T5 versus X100VI, the X100VI lacks the folding function of the display in portrait format.
Fuji X-T5 versus X100VI, the X100VI lacks the folding function of the display in portrait format.

Do you want waiting for the Fuji X100VI? What are the chances and what are the alternatives? Patience is required when ordering the X100VI, but does it necessarily have to be this camera? Answers:

  • Waiting to the Fuji X100VI - Opportunities and alternatives.
  • Fujifilm X100VI in the Backlog - Patience required.
  • Comparison Fuji X100VI versus X-T5 Test pros and cons.
  • PHOTOPIA Hamburg on End - From light to dark.
  • The best lenses, expensive or cheap.
  • Dirk and Peter: Photographing together is pure joie de vivre.
  • Dirk Trampedach: Street Photography - Undiscovered photograph.
  • Photo Koch Easter offers for photographers
  • Amazon Easter offers for photographers
  • Fujifilm X100VI compact camera HypeWolf in sheep's clothing
  • Moon prices for Fuji X100VI - Fantastic prices
  • Test Fuji X100VI - Limitlessly good and expensive
  • Dirk Trampedach: What is Street Photography?
  • Michael Guggolz: Advanced Drop photography with smoke and flames.
  • Bernhard Labestin: Vernissage - Own photo exhibition with opening - #3.
  • Test DxO PureRAW 4 - Denoising and lens corrections.
  • Test Topaz Photo AI - Photos Denoise Sharpen Enlarge.
  • Best Fujifilm image editing software - Unveiling.
  • Best Image editing software in the Test.

A word in advance

With all the talk about cameras, we often forget the exhibitions of photos from which we can learn a lot. Dirk Trampedach is holding his exhibition this Sunday in Siegen and has cordially invited you. It will be a big event with an extremely large number of visitors, and you are also cordially invited:

Photo exhibition Street-Photography Siegen URBAN CHARACTER >>


Waiting to the Fuji X100VI

When will the X100VI be available?

Anyone who has ordered the Fuji X100VI is probably wondering whether the camera will arrive before the holidays. Wait or alternative? I've just been shooting with the X100VI in Düsseldorf and realised that the camera is suboptimal for a lot of my work. Let me explain:

It is true that a focal length gives us exactly the photos that are perfect for this lens. But what if I see a subject that is really worthwhile and I can't use a completely different lens? And what if I want to expose a subject in portrait format close to the ground from a frog's-eye view? Then there's the usability of the camera, the lack of photo formats (5:4, 6:7, 65:24) and the inadequate tripod connection. Many things about the camera are suboptimal, especially the display, which cannot be used in portrait format.

I was in the media harbour in Düsseldorf. I couldn't take a picture overhead or just above the ground in portrait format. It could have worked, but photographing the subject straight on would have been a coincidence. Overhead in portrait format really doesn't work at all. Fuji has built a camera here that is suboptimal. A beautiful camera, no question, but there is also a lot of criticism on my part. And I don't like being forced into landscape format by Japanese engineers who obviously don't use the camera themselves. That's not what I expect from a camera, neither from the X100VI nor from a Sony Alpha 6400 or any other camera on this planet.

Delivery time X100VI

In an interview, it now emerges that Fujifilm is only building twice as many cameras as the X100V. And that is obviously not enough, because Calumetphoto is already honestly saying on its website:


Opportunities and alternatives to the X100VI

But what if we test the X-T5 with the XF 23mm F2 WR lens against the X100VI? What is the result? And is the price difference really that big? No, because the X100VI already costs an impressive € 1,799, while the X-T5 currently costs around € 1,728 and the XF 23mm F2 around € 449. That puts the X-T5 with 23mm lens at € 2,177 and everyone can decide for themselves which is the better camera.

*fotowissen has tested the X100VI versus the X-T5:

All about the cult camera X100VI

And here you can read all about the X100 series and, of course, the cult camera X100VI:

Cult camera X100 series >>

Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer, photo trainer and photojournalist - Waiting for the Fuji X100VI - opportunities and alternatives

Further contributions

PHOTOPIA Hamburg at the end

PHOTOPIA Hamburg at the end - From light to dark

No sooner had it appeared than it disappeared again: Photopia in Hamburg has come to an end:

PHOTOPIA Hamburg at the end - From light to dark >>


The best lenses - expensive or cheap

We use the best lenses, expensive or cheap, when we have a certain quality requirement for our own photography. *fotowissen best list Fujifilm lenses, best list Canon lenses or others. However, vintage lenses are also an excellent alternative for those who want to save money. How important are lenses for our photography?

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Taking photos together is pure joie de vivre: Dirk and Peter in Mülheim an der Ruhr. -014Taking photos together is pure joie de vivre

Dirk and Peter were taking photos together and had Joy about it. What happened that day, which Photographs came out of it and which Tips we have for your photography can be read here:

Taking photos together is pure joie de vivre >>


Street Photography - Undiscovered photography -017Street Photography - Photographing undiscovered

Dirk has published a new article about street photography. How we on the street photograph uncovered:

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Fujifilm X100VI compact camera hypeFujifilm X100VI compact camera hype - wolf in sheep's clothing

What is all this hype about the X100 series? Is the camera worth the money? What's the hybrid viewfinder concept of rangefinder and electronic viewfinder all about? Interesting facts about the Parallax and much more about the camera:

Fujifilm X100VI compact camera hype - wolf in sheep's clothing >>


Lunar prices Fuji X100VILunar prices for Fuji X100VI

The camera has only just been released and already Moon prices paid for it:

Lunar prices for Fuji X100VI - Fantastic prices >>


Test Fuji X100VI 240227-0069Test X100VI - Endlessly good and expensive

The 40 megapixel compact camera is virtually on the shelves. In reality, the few cameras that have arrived in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are of course already with their owners. The waiting time for the next batch is several months. But anyone interested in buying the camera will find the first and most honest review here. Test report of the X100VI:

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What is street photography?

Dirk Trampedach: What is street photography?

At the same time, Dirk has also published a comprehensive Street Photography published:

What is Street Photography? >>


Dirk Trampedach: Photo exhibition Street-Photography Siegen URBAN CHARACTER

Dirk is preparing his third photo exhibition, this time in his home town of Siegen. This will be a big event with an extremely large number of visitors, and you are also cordially invited to attend. invited. I, too, will be curiously looking at Dirk's works there. Please plan your Visitbecause Dirk is looking forward to welcoming you:

Photo exhibition Street-Photography Siegen URBAN CHARACTER >>


Advanced drop photography 240206-Urberg drops 17777

Michael Guggolz: Advanced drop photography with smoke and flames

Our *fotowissen colleague Michael Guggolz also has his first own photo exhibition with wonderful exhibits at Calumetphoto in Stuttgart. Michael is exhibiting eleven of his sensational droplet photos there in large format (cover photo). You can admire and purchase the works at any time in Stuttgart. At the same time, Michael has published his second article on advanced drop photography exclusively on *fotowissen. Michael is looking forward to your comments:

Advanced drop photography with smoke and flames >>


Vernissage - Own photo exhibition with opening - #3 - Labelling of the exhibits.Bernhard Labestin: Vernissage - Own photo exhibition with opening - #3

Bernhard will be exhibiting his photos shortly and we will report on the location and date at *fotowissen so that you can admire his art live. But how does it work with your own photo exhibition? The fist meets the eye, because our colleague Bernhard Labestin has added a third part to his series of articles on organising your own photo exhibition this very week. Bernhard has provided lots of ideas and assistance in his article for all of us. Many of them will also help you when displaying your own exhibits at home or in your gallery:

Vernissage - Own photo exhibition with opening - #3 >>


DxO PureRAW 4 TestTest DxO PureRAW 4 - Denoising and lens corrections

We have tested the new DxO PureRAW 4 for you and give you a recommendation:

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Test Topaz Photo AI SoftwareTest Topaz Photo AI - Photos Denoise Sharpen Enlarge

I have never advertised Topaz Photo AI or made a purchase recommendation. Here you can read why:

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The best image editing software for Fujifilm RAWBest Fujifilm image editing software - Reveal

Good journalism differs from fleeting videos and influencers by criticising and also by uncovering mistakes. For all Fujifilm owners, it's time to learn the truth and know which image editing software is particularly suitable for developing photos:

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Best image editing software test *fotowissen

Best image editing software in the test

All in all, every digital photographer probably needs to install useful image editing software on their computer. Free programmes are not always the easiest to use and the paid-for programmes differ considerably in terms of their range of functions and performance.

The extensive comparison and test of the best image editing software brings light into the darkness. Enjoy reading:

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ON1 Photo RAW in test at *fotowissen

ON1 Photo RAW 2024 review

If we are looking for good image editing software with image management, then ON1 Photo RAW can serve as an alternative to Adobe Lightroom Classic. But what can the software do and what are the strengths and weaknesses of version 2024? *fotowissen has tested the software:

ON1 Photo RAW 2024 in test >>


Fuji XApp danger and waste of time

Articles of the last 30 days

If you have just come across *, then browse through the articles of the last 30 days here:

*fotowissen articles of the last 30 days >>

On my own behalf (advertising for the best photo courses since manuals have existed):

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Customised online photography course

Waiting for the Fuji X100VI - Opportunities and alternatives - *fotowissen
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FeaturedForeword and Editorial *fotowissen-Newsletter - Valuable

Written by:

Avatar of Peter Roskothen

Peter Roskothen

Peter Roskothen
I am a professional photographer, Photo trainer for very special individual photo courses and specialised journalist for photography. I write for you as a photographer on *fotowissen. Photography is my passion. I love all genres of photography and am just as enthusiastic about taking photos as I am about giving photography courses.

Anyone can take photos and with *fotowissen all authors want to contribute to your better photos. We are not concerned with counting pixels, but with technology for people and images in particular (photoblog). In the photoblog we help to analyse photos and bring them constructively forward. Incidentally, many of my photo course participants exhibit their photos there.

You can find my very own homepage with photographs, photo courses and web design at P. Roskothen Photo Art & Design.


Please write a constructive comment. Links are not permitted. (Tip: Copy your text before sending for security reasons).

  • Hello Mr Roskothen,

    I'm not sure whether you should compare the X100 with a camera with interchangeable lenses. Anyone who buys this camera should be aware of the possible limitations. Wildlife or sports photography is not possible with this camera. You have to photograph more consciously and certainly be more creative. For example, I sold my XT5 with lenses and ordered the X100VI whenever it arrived. I was tired of the hassle of always having to ask myself which lens or even several lenses I should take with me. For me, it was simply a stressful hobby and no longer gave me any pleasure. Over Easter I was in Hamburg with my wife and only took photos with my iPhone 15 Pro Max. Now you can certainly argue about whether this is real photography or not (die-hard photographers will of course cry out). I don't care at all, it was just fun, enjoyable and slowed me down and the pictures turned out great. I don't think you can attract young people in particular with big cameras and lenses, not to mention the price. That's why compact cameras with outstanding technology are so popular. Photography will change in this respect in the future, perhaps even have to change. The drivers here are the smartphone manufacturers. Even if all the influencers tell us something different every day.

    Best regards
    Roland Kohlschütter

  • I share your opinion, Mr Roskothen, in all respects.
    I'm sticking with it. It's nice to have them at some point. But do you really need it? I notice that the customers who still have to be patient - possibly for months to come - like to talk themselves up about the camera.
    It is an indisputable fact that Fujifilm has focussed a great deal on mastering the clairvoyance of marketing. Despite the relocation to China, they clearly do not have the production chains under control.
    After selling my X100F, I was looking for an alternative. After much deliberation, I decided on one of Fujifilm's obviously least recognised cameras and I don't know why that is. It can take interchangeable lenses, it can do 4K 30FPS (in FHD - which in 99% of cases is enough, significantly more), it has 26 MP and the same sensor as its big sister, the X-T4. It has everything you need on board. The operating concept is extremely simple and it has IBIS! And most importantly, it's unbeatably cheap. I paid less than 800 euros for the body of a showcase model with a few hundred exposures at a specialist dealer.
    The best thing about it was that I saw it, paid for it and took it straight away ;-). You will know that I mean the X-S10.
    Apart from the 40MP sensor (which I have in the X-H2) and the video specs (which I also have in the X-H2) - although I don't know anyone who has ordered an X100VI for filming - the camera is simply great. Light, small and handy, always with you and extremely flexible. And who buys an X100VI because of Reala Ace, whose features are already described in Fuji X-Weekly?
    The reduction to one focal length is not an argument in my eyes. Nobody prevents me from using only one focal length on each camera. Nevertheless, I always have the flexibility to switch if I want to.

    Best regards
    J. Pagel

  • Hello Mr Roskothen,
    After the hype and the jubilation about the X100VI, I went in search of a dealer where I could have a look at this marvellous thing. I succeeded, he still has 1 copy, which he is not selling, but collecting pre-orders. I had my Pen F with me for comparison and left the shop without a pre-order, very happy with my camera. Now you can certainly say that you can't compare an MFT camera with only half as many MP, which is also over 6 years old. In my opinion, you can. For the very few situations where the 20 MP are not enough, there are still denoising programmes that achieve fantastic results. In addition, there is the option of using other lenses, which I rarely use.

  • Greetings from Upper Franconia,

    I pre-ordered the camera on the very first day, but have since cancelled due to the unclear delivery times.

    As an alternative, I have now bought the even more compact Ricoh GR III. It also has film simulations, is much cheaper and I can easily take it with me to the stadium or when doing active sports.

    Fujifilm has lost me as a customer with its delivery time.

    Best regards!

Journalist, photographer, photo trainer Peter Roskothen

Welcome to *fotowissen says Peter Roskothen on behalf of all authors.

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